For current Llanfallteg weather follow this link: Llanfallteg Weather

The weather station is named “Kingsacre” and sits in and on Taf House in Llanfallteg.

The station is a “Davis Vantage Pro 2”, with the sensor data wirelessly transmitted to a console indoors. This in turn is connected via a router to allow the on line summary to be displayed.

Wind measurements were lost in early November 2014 as the sensor transmitter battery charging solar panel failed. This has been replaced and wind measurements restored.

2014 Summary

2014 started off very wet, but ended up with less rain than usual due to very dry periods throughout the year. No rain was recorded on 230 days, but more than 20mm on ten days. There was 39 days where a frost was recorded, with most of them being in March and December. Highest wind speed by far was recorded on February 12th at over 25m/sec, out near 60 mph.