Walks & Trails – Vortipor Trails


The Vortipor Trails are mapped walks around Henllanfallteg that take in the communities history and landscapes. There are three trails available each exploring different parts of Henllanfallteg. Visit the trails website and choose a trail to walk and explore.

Visit The Trails Web Page Here


This project has been funded through the Carmarthenshire Landscape and Heritage Grant Scheme made available by the Rural Development Plan for Wales 2007 – 2013, which is part funded by the Welsh Government, the European Agriculture Fund for Rural development, Carmarthenshire County Council, Twyi Centre, Natural Resources Wales and the National Trust.

Trail Feedback & Comments

You can post feedback, comments and pictures of your experiences walking the Vortipor trails using the form below. Here are some comments from people who have used the trails.

The views expressed on these comment pages are not those of either Henllanfalteg Community Council or Association. Inappropriate material will be removed at the
discretion of either the Council or Association. All submitted comments will be approved and vetted before publication.

This page is also available in: Welsh

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