Blue Route - Rhydywrach

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The Millennium Hall was constructed with monies from the National Lottery and the Millennium Commission, as a millennium project. It is a timber framed building built to a very high energy efficient specification, and has proved to be a valuable asset to the community. The Plash Inn is the only pub to bear the name in the United Kingdom and the only business still trading on the roadside in the village. This part of the community developed from 1874 when the construction of the Whitland and Taf Vale Railway locally known as “Cardi Bach” started. The trains ceased in September 1963. There were two shops here and many home workers who thrived on the business attracted by the railway.

With your back to the village hall turn left and walk up the hill (12%) for 1.6km until you reach Mount Pleasant on your right. Just past the house turn right into the field through the “Kissing Gate”. Cross the field keeping the hedgerow on your right to reach a stile* 45m away. Cross the stile and continue straight on with the boundary on your right to a second stile 80m away. After a further 240m you will reach a gate in the right hand hedgerow at the corner of the field. Pass through the gate and bear left approximately 20° keeping the hedgerow on your left to reach a “Kissing Gate” in the corner of the field. Pass through the gate into a sunken green way.

This green way was formally the main access to Lan, described in 1738 as a substantial estate, with a well appointed dwelling. The house is some 400m along the foot path to the right.