Red Route - Llanfallteg

Start Here - 1

Facing the village hall walk to the right hand side through the car park, continue down the track, keeping the playing fields fence on your left, to the footbridge over the Afon Taf.

The playing field is held in trust as a memorial field to those who were lost in the first and second world wars. In 2012 the field gained Queen Elizabeth II field status Beware during periods of heavy rain these meadows can become quickly submerged.

Cross the footbridge and turn right following the riverbank until you arrive at a stile.

On the left side of the garden on the opposite bank is the original road that joined the east side of Llanfallteg to the west side via a ford. The original route continued along a trackway next to the hedge on the left to a sunken way at the top of the field.

Climb the stile and cross the field to a footbridge some 75m from the corner formed by the opposite hedgerow and the river. Cross the footbridge and walk 200m across the large field to meet the gateway in the opposite hedgerow.

Pass through to a second field. Keep the hedgerow on your right. (There should be another field between you and the river). Proceed until you reach the stile at the public highway by Glantaf Isaf.