Llanfallteg Memorial Playing Field

The park in Llanfallteg is an idyllic community space in the centre of the village. Tucked away behind the village hall and accessed via the public footpath, it has served as a community space for over 90 years. The park is a “Queen Elizabeth II Field in Trust” protected site. This legal status gives additional protection to ensure the field is kept as a community space for recreation and leisure in years to come. 

The park is managed by a team of volunteers, under the charity Llanfallteg Memorial Playing Field. Their duty is to ensure the future of the park through management, maintenance and essential fund raising to cover operational costs.

Visit the official Llanfallteg Park website at; www.llanfalltegpark.co.uk

Trustee Volunteers, Meetings & Minutes

• You can find our current list of trustee volunteers on our website here. You can also see information about meetings and minutes of meetings here.

• You can contact the playing field team by email at: play@llanfalltegpark.co.uk .

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