Vortipor Trails project celebration – Saturday 8th November 2014

This free event was hosted by the Llanfallteg History Society and Henllanfallteg Community Association to celebrate the successful conclusion of this project.

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Vortipor Trails project
The Vortipor trails project has at last concluded. This was a jointly run project by the Llanfallteg History Society and Community Association.
The community has gained as a consequence, three footpath trails, supported by trail maps and information leaflets, two community information boards, a general notice board, improved web site, a computer, printer and table top projector, the local history book translated into Welsh, along with E Book versions available in both English and Welsh. and a touch screen display unit.
The project took over two years to complete and presented many challenges to the members of both contributing groups.
The new equipment does give the community and both the societies extra tools to show off and inform anyone what has been and is being achieved, and provide plenty of potential learning opportunities for everyone in the future.
The project was funded by Carmarthenshire Landscape and Heritage Grant Scheme and was part funded by Natural Resources Wales, Rural Development Plan, Welsh Government, Carmarthenshire County Council and in kind by The National Trust.