Let’s Hear Your Stories – Community Newsletter

Fancy contributing to the next newsletter?

The next edition of the Helgorn Taf Bugle will be published at the start of May. In the best interest of the community this edition will only be available digitally online.

With current restrictions across the country, many of the events we normally feature in the newsletter are postponed until a later date, which means we are a little short on normal content. But not to worry, it’s a great opportunity for you to get involved!

We are reaching out to the local community of Henllanfallteg to ask if they would like to contribute some form of content towards the next edition. It could be an article, piece of writing, a picture, drawing, even a mini quiz or puzzle that you’ve created. Here’s some ideas for you, and don’t forget to get the children involved;

  • What have you been doing to keep occupied during the lock down or self isolation?
  • Have you been helping others, or would you like to say thanks to someone who’s helped you?
  • Have you been out walking? If so, what did you see on your walk and did you take a photo?
  • Can you share anything others will find useful or entertaining?
  • Good at a quiz? Send us your 3 question mini quiz, so others can give it a go.
  • Have you learnt a new skill, or have any handy tips to share?
  • Share your favourite recipe or one you’ve invented using what you had.
  • Have you been in the garden doing a tidy up or planting?
  • What have the children been doing? Would they like to send something?
  • Write a poem about life and the world today.

How to send us content

Content needs to reach us by the end of April. You can send us any content for consideration by email to newsletter@llanfallteg.org.

You can send text, photos, or scans of drawings/puzzles you’ve created. Any writing can be pasted within a email message, or attached as a pdf / word document. Not all submitted content is guaranteed to be published, and may be edited if required

Any problems sending us content please just email us for advice.

Share with friends & family

Please feel free to share our community newsletter with friends and family, or ask them to signup to the email list to be notified when the latest edition is published.
They can signup here: http://www.llanfallteg.org/subscribe/