Be Part Of Our Park – Playing Field Looking For New Trustees

On Friday 23rd of March (7:30pm in the Millennium hall), Llanfallteg Memorial Playing will hold their AGM (Annual General Meeting) and will be welcoming anyone wishing to join the team. They are a registered charity in charge of looking after and maintaining the park in Llanfallteg, which has a QE2 – Queen Elizabeth II Fields in Trust status to ensure its long term use and provision for all that use it.

The team who look after the playing field are made up of local people who have enlisted as Trustees to the playing field charity. At the AGM this Friday, they will be looking for new members to join the team. You can read a quick summary of what it means to become a Trustee here. In the wider picture, as well as ensuring the successful running of the playing field, Trustees organise fantastic fundraising events, just like the Playing Field Llanfallteg Village Fete. Fundraising is a key part of the parks operations as it ensures revenue to maintain and upgrade the parks facilities.

The team are currently working hard to upgrade some of the equipment in the park and develop some of the un-used spaces to benefit the whole community. While current plans have been well received so far, the team are eager to enlist new Trustees to further progress the playing fields future and to bring new ideas to the table. Whether you would be interested in an administrative role or something more dynamic in events and fundraising, the team welcome you to attend the AGM on Friday 23rd of March if your interested in joining.

The Playing Field hold one AGM and the occasional meeting through the year. Other meetings regarding fundraising or organising the Playing Field Llanfallteg Village Fete are held as required with those involved.

If this sounds like something you’d like to get involved with, please join us at the AGM this Friday, 23rd of March at 7:30pm in the Millennium Hall, Llanfallteg.