Millennium Hall

The Millennium Hall is a modern building designed and constructed to be energy efficient. The Hall is a mainly timber framed building, with very high levels of insulation installed. It was built by Trant Construction under the supervision of Architect Peter Holden, as a Millennium project funded by the National Lottery and the Millennium Commission. In 2009 4KW solar PV panels were fitted on the roof. Along with other energy saving measures installed, these two actions have reduced the annual electricity usage by almost 50%.

Millennium Hall

The Hall offers a main room plus side meeting/training room, store, fully fitted and equipped kitchen and usual facilities. There is adequate parking for most events, and in recent times the side garden has been revitalised with a centrepiece replica of the Vortipor stone, a paved area and additional benches and table all made from recycled black plastic. The main room has fitted sound system, projector and has DVD, CD, Laptop VHS tape and music tape capability. The Hall has recently acquired 10Mb broadband connection and has its own PC and printer.

A public access defibrillator is available in the Hall porch on a 24/7 basis.

The Hall is managed by the Trustees of the Community Association whose names are listed on the contact page.

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