The Community (Parish) of Henllanfallteg

Henllanfallteg is a Community (civil parish in England). It is one of the seventy three Communities that make up the county of Carmarthenshire. It was formed in 1930’s mainly by amalgamating the old parishes of Llanfallteg , Llanfallteg West and Henllan Amgoed and a very small part of Llangan.

Parishes are older then counties and when counties were formed parishes were often split between two counties. The ancient parish of Llanfallteg was at one stage divided between Pembrokeshire and Carmarthenshire as was Llandissilio. The part in Pembrokeshire was Llanfallteg West and the part in Carmarthenshire was Llanfallteg .

The modern Community of Henllanfallteg includes the villages and hamlets of Llanfallteg, Henllan Amgoed, Cwmfelin Boeth, Hiraeth and Rhydywrach.

In the April 2003 boundary review a very small part of the Community was taken away from Carmarthenshire and put into Pembrokeshire along with the Community of Clynderwen.

The 2001 census found there were 163 households, with a total population of 423. This broke down to be 101 under age of 18, 221 18 – 60 and 101 over 60. Just over 52% of the Community population declared they had capability in Welsh.

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