Hall Bookings 2017

If you would like to book the Millennium Hall for parties, events, workshops, seminars or likewise please email the hall co-ordinator at millenniumhall@llanfallteg.org or telephone the co-ordinator as listed on the contact page.


Tuesdays – short mat bowls 19.30
Wednesdays –  Sewing group 13.30
Heb Enu, Morris Dancing 19.00
Thursdays – Table tennis 19.00



Conditions of Hire and booking form

Henllanfallteg Millennium Hall Hire Agreement (Booking Form)

Customer Details

Organisation Hiring Hall

Contact Name

Address/Post Code

(All correspondence will be

forwarded to this address)

Email Address

Telephone / Mobile

Booking Details

Date of Hire Approx. no. of guests

Start Time Finish Time

Description of Event

Will alcohol be available? Will alcohol be on sale?

n.b. please see notes regarding alcohol consumption on premises

Rooms Required

Main Hall Meeting Room

Booking Fees £’s

Total Booking Fee


Deposit Payable on Booking (50% of Total Booking Fee)

Outstanding Balance (plus separate bond cheque)

to be received at least two weeks prior to date of booking

I have read, understood and agree to abide by the Standard Conditions of Hire and

any further conditions specific to this individual hire. I agree to pay in full the sum indicated for the hire of the Hall prior to the booking taking place and to return the Hall and all its property to a representative of the Henllanfallteg Community Association in a fitting state and by the time stated.



Please sign and date this agreement before forwarding to the Booking Secretary,

Please forward Bond payments by way of a separate cheque

n.b. All deposits (Bonds) taken as security will be banked by Henllanfallteg Community Association.

Bonds will be returned in full as soon after the booking as possible providing all conditions of hire

have been met and no damage or costs have been incurred by Henllanfallteg Community Association.

Regular users of the Hall may, on request, be invoiced by arrangement.


Please make all cheques payable to The Henllanfallteg Community Association

Booking form 2015 v 2 PDF


Henllanfallteg Millennium Hall

 Hire Agreement and Conditions of Hire

 Phone: Christie01437 563472

  E-mail: llanfallteghallbookings@yahoo.com

 Web: www.llanfallteg.org.uk

 Registered Charity Number: 1071264

 Millennium Hall, Llanfallteg, Whitland, Carmarthenshire

SA34 0UN

 Henllanfallteg Millennium Hall Standard Conditions of Hire

Information valid at 1st January 2015


The HIRER will only occupy and use those areas contracted for and will, during the period of the hiring, be responsible for supervision of the premises, the fabric and the contents, their care, safety from damage however slight, or change of any sort, behaviour of all persons using the premises whatever capacity or function. This includes proper supervision of car parking so as to avoid an obstruction and minimise risk of accidents or damage to vehicles.


The HIRER shall not use the premises for any purposes other than that specified in the signed hiring agreement and shall not sub-hire or use the premises or allow the premises to be used for any unlawful purposes or in any unlawful way nor do anything or allow any act by any person or bring on to the premises, including the curtilage thereto, anything which may endanger the same or render invalid any insurance policies in respect thereof nor allow the consumption of alcohol thereon without written permission.


Smoking within any part of the bulding in unlawful. The HIRER shall ensure that no smoking takes place within the building. The introduction, sale, offer or use by any Hall users of illegal DRUGS, whether in the building or within the curtilage is forbidden and constitutes ‘misuse of the Hall’ as defined above, and persons attending their functions are advised that breaching this condition will entail the automatic loss of any “bond” deposited and a possible refusal of further bookings.


The HIRER shall be responsible for obtaining such licenses as may be needed, whether for sale or supply of alcohol or otherwise and for the observance of the same. The Hall is covered for PRS (Performing Right Society) and TV viewing purposes. The Hall has a Premises licence allowing certain activities to take place during set times. Any event falling outside those limitations will be subject to a Temporary Event Notice (TEN), available from Carmarthenshire County Council. This includes the sale of all alcohol or inclusion of alcohol in the ticket price for an event. The Booking Secretary must be informed of any licences applied for in respect of the Hall.


The HIRER shall ensure that nothing is done on, or in relation to, the premises in contravention of the law relating to gaming, betting and lotteries, including Bingo and other games of chance.


The HIRER shall comply with all conditions and regulations made in respect of the premises by the Fire Authority, Local Authority, the Local Magistrates’ Court or otherwise, particularly in connection with any event which includes public dancing or music or similar public entertainment or stage plays.


The HIRER shall, if preparing, serving or selling food, observe all relevant food health and hygiene legislation and regulations.


The HIRER shall ensure that any electrical appliances brought onto the premises and used there, shall be safe and in good working order and used in a safe manner, including the use of circuit breakers if required by a license.


The HIRER shall comply with the COMMITTEE policies, available from the Booking Secretary for the use of this facility


[I] The HIRER shall fully indemnify Henllanfallteg Community Association for the cost or repair of any damage done to any part of the premises including the curtilage thereto, or the contents of the building which may occur during the period of the hiring or as a result of hiring.

[II ]The HIRER shall be responsible for making arrangements for damage cover or against any third party claims which may lie against him (or the organisation if acting as a representative) whilst this agreement is in force. Henllanfallteg Community Association is insured against any claims arising out of its own negligence.


The HIRER must report all accidents involving injury to the public to a member of the COMMITTEE as soon as possible (contact details posted on notice board in lobby). Any failure of equipment belonging to the Henllanfallteg Community Association must also be reported as soon as possible. Certain types of accident or injury must be reported . The Hall’s Secretary will give assistance in completing this form in accordance with the Executive Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulation 1995. (RIDDOR). This is now done “online” – http://www.hse.gov.uk/riddor/report.htm


The HIRER shall ensure that no animals whatsoever are to enter the kitchen at any time.


The HIRER shall ensure that any activities for children under eight years of age comply with the provisions of The Children Act of 1989 and that only fit and proper people have access to the children.


The HIRER shall not carry out or permit fly posting or any other form of unauthorised advertisements for any event taking place at the Hall and shall indemnify the COMMITTEE accordingly against all action, claims and proceedings arising from any breach of this condition. Failure to observe this condition may lead to prosecution by the local authority.


The HIRER shall, if selling goods on the premises, comply with Fair Trading Laws and any code of practice used in connection with such sales. In particular, the Hirer shall ensure that the total prices of all goods and services are prominently displayed, as shall be the organiser’s name and address and that any discounts offered are based only on Manufacturers Recommended Retail Prices.


If the HIRER wishes to cancel the booking, or some bookings if part of a serial booking arrangement, and the COMMITTEE is unable to conclude a new booking or bookings as the case may be, the question of repayment of any fee’s shall be at the discretion of the COMMITTEE .


The COMMITTEE reserves the right to cancel a hiring in the event of the Hall being required for use as a Polling Station for a Parliamentary or Local Government election or by-election, in which case the hirer shall be entitled to a refund of any deposit already paid.

The COMMITTEE reserves the right to cancel this hiring agreement at any time either before or during the term of the agreement if a serial booking, upon giving 7 days notice to the hirer, or 30 days notice if a serial booking arrangement has been enacted. The HIRER shall be entitled upon such notice given to reimbursement of such monies paid down and not expended in actual hiring’s, including a deposit paid or a proportion of the same, always subject to the cancellation not resulting from a breach by the hirer of the conditions of this agreement, in which case, the COMMITTEE shall not be liable to make any payment to the hirer.


In the event of the Hall or any part thereof being rendered unfit for the use for which it has been hired, the COMMITTEE shall not be liable to the hirer for any resulting loss or damage whatsoever.


The Henllanfallteg Community Association reserves the right to refuse without notice or reason given any booking


The HIRER shall be responsible for vacating the premises by the expiration of the hire time and for leaving the premises and surrounding area in a clean and tidy condition, properly locked and secured unless directed otherwise and any contents temporarily removed from their usual positions properly replaced otherwise the COMMITTEE shall be at liberty to make an additional charge. The HIRER shall remove all rubbish, bottles, and the like resulting from the hiring. Failure to do so may result in a surcharge. Unsold items from sales are not to be stored in the Hall without prior permission from the COMMITTEE.


The HIRER shall ensure that the minimum of noise is made on arrival and departure.


[I] The COMMITTEE is the Trustees of The Henllanfallteg Community Association, Charity No 1071264.

[II] The use of the masculine infers the feminine and vice versa.

[III] If a hirer is in any doubt as to the meaning of these conditions, the Booking Secretary to The Henllanfallteg Community Association should be consulted before any signature is appended.

[llll] Licensing arrangements 2008

Advice to Hirers – sale of alcohol.

The Hall is licensed for Public Entertainment (80 Standing, 50 seated).

Potential hirers need to be clear as to the legally prescribed position re events at which alcohol is available.

The licensing Act came into force in November 2005 and the Hall Premises Licence does not cover the supply or sale of alcohol to the Public at any event in the Hall.

However, alcohol may be consumed at occasions such as Quiz Nights, where members of the public bring their own alcoholic beverage, or at a strictly Private Party, where guests receive prior invitation and attend free of charge, and where all alcohol consumed is supplied free of charge by the Host – It is NOT permissable to ask for ‘donations’ or other monetary contribution, under any circumstance, towards the cost of the alcohol.

If alcohol is to be sold or provided as part of the entrance fee, then a Temproary Event Notice (TEN) must be applied for from Carmarthenshire County Council. Please ensure that your booking has been accepted before applying! N.B. The Hall is only allowed to have 12 TENs covering 15 days in any twelve months (Jan to Dec).

Any hirer wishing to run an event where alcohol is supplied either for sale or by the hirer as an integral part of the event – (and therefore effectively purchased by the entry charge) must:

1. Contact the Hall Booking Secretary to register their wish to hold an event at which alcohol will be for sale. The Booking Secretary will confirm if enough TENs remain.

2. Then obtain a Temporary Event Notice (TEN) in advance,by application to Carmarthenshire County Council (The Licensing Authority). This currently costs £21. It is the responsibility of the Hirer to obtain this Notice.

3. Provide a copy of the duly endorsed TEN(s) for the Committee to have sight of, at least one month prior to the event taking place, to confirm the booking.

Guidance information and the TEN forms, (required in duplicate by the county council – with another copy for the Police), are available in Microsoft Word format on https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/temporary-events-notice-application
The completed form should be submitted to Carmarthenshire Councty Council:

As mentioned above, the Hall is limited under the new licensing regulations to 12 such Events per year – covering a maximum of 15 days.

The TEN application form requires the Hirer to nominate an individual as the Premises User – who will:

Øbe present throughout the Event

Øbe responsible for adherence to all the conditions listed in the notes which are attached to the TEN application form

Øensure that the endorsed copy of the TEN is displayed in the Hall during the event.

( Note: Where the intention is to supply alcohol for consumption on the premises, then the Premises User must ensure that no person leaves the premises with alcohol supplied in the Hall.)