Playing Field

As part of the Queen Elizabeth 2nd Jubilee the Playing Field has been designated as a “QE 2 Field in Trust”. This legal status gives additional protection to ensure the field is kept into the future as a place for recreation and leisure. An impressive plaque shows the new status of the field.

The Memorial Playing Field was established in memory of those who lost their lives in the Great War. An all timber hall was erected there and it enjoyed many events, including welcome home parties in the Second World War. By 1985 the hall condition was declared unsafe and it was pulled down.


With a lot of hard work by a dedicated local band of people, a revived set of trustees set about reforming the charity and in 1986 it gained charity status. Since then the playing field has been rejuvenated mostly with money raised locally to what we have today.

The Playing Field Trustees are listed on the contacts page.

The Trustees are required to hold the AGM in January of each year and at least one other meeting. Agendas and minutes appear on this web site.


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