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MacMillian Coffee morning and Auction

Macmillian logo 2014


People turned out in force again to make the MacMillan Coffee Morning in The Plash on 27th September a big success. By the end of the morning around £655.10 had been raised. The auction held on Friday 31st October at The Plash raised a further £810, giving a revised grand total on £1496.41

Helen Bentley the organiser paid tribute to a band of helpers including Christie Goymer, Dennis Crowton, Jackie Taylor and Peter Icke and the many supporters who had donated prizes, cakes and savoury items.



Autumn Show Winners 2014


A1 Roses – 3 stems Janet Cooper
A2 3 hydrangeas any type but all the same Carolyn Pashby
A3 Flowering shrub in a pot not over 18・in diameter Wendy Heron
A4 Vase of perennial flowers Lynn Meredith

B1 3 Apples Lynn Meredith
B2 3 Pears Wendy Heron
B3 A display of seasonal fruits and berries max. diameter 18” Susanne Donovan

C1 A harvest festival collection, no bigger than 18” across. Candy Metcalf
C2 3 courgettes Liz O’Neill
C3 3 parsnips Candy Metcalf
C4 6 runner beans Claire Argyle
C5 3 sweet corn Liz O’Neill
C6 A plate of salad vegetables about 12” in diameter
C7 2 of any other vegetable Sian Jackson

D1 A sliced fruit or nut cake made with local fruit or nuts Susanne Donovan
D2 A jar of pickles Mike Powell
D3 A jar of chutney Jacki Taylor
D4 6 Welsh cakes. Susanne Donovan

E1 A bottle of home brewed wine
E2 A bottle of home brewed beer (submit 2)

F1 A jar of Honey set or clear Wendy Heron
F2 A bale of hay any size or shape Susanne Donovan
F3 A 250gm pat of butter Susanne Donovan
F4 A small home made cheese
F5 6 Hen’s Eggs Latchygors
F6 3 Duck eggs

Best in Show Susanne Donovan B3 A collection of nuts and berries.


G1 A sunflower in a pot or a vase
G2 A vase of wild autumn fruits and flowers
G3 3 flowers of the same colour in a vase

H1 A vegetable grown by the entrant Ava Dewsnap
H2 An animal made from vegetables

J1 4 home made biscuits Ava Jewsnap


K1 A pattern made with daisies
K2 A bunch of wild autumn flowers attractively displayed. Benjamin Taylor

K3 A welly boot decorated any way you choose e.g. paint, flowers Tiri Brackenbury

L1 Any collection of three vegetables, the same or different, grown by the entrant. Benjamin Taylor
L2 A bowl of blackberries. Tiri Brackenbury

M1 A cake made by the entrant which uses an ingredient from the garden or hedgerow
“` e.g. apple cake,blackberry muffin. Tiri Brackenbury
M2 A pot of chutney or jam.
M3 Bread baked to look interesting or unusual, judged on
appearance. Tiri Brackenbury

Junior Best in Show Tiri Brackenbury K3 a decorated Welli Boot.

The judges were Beryl Gibbin (adult entries) and Sarah Morgan (children’s entries).

Thanks to many adults who donated their £2 prizes, the entry money just covered the prizes given out. Over £100 was made by auctioning the produce – thanks to everyone who contributed.

Llanfallteg Fete & Show 2014

The Llanfallteg 2014 Fete and Show was another great success with great support from the local community and organisers. At times the weather threatened but in traditional form glorious sunshine prevailed for the perfect day out.


The show competitions were organised by some new volunteers this year after Peter Icke stood down after his years of loyal service to the community fete. A new photography competition was also introduced whereby entrants submitted digital photographs which had the chance to win a spot in a 2015 community calendar. A great reception was received from entrants and voters, who voted for their favourites to go into the calendar.

You can see the winning 13 Photographs here or
See all 105 entries in the photography competition here.

Cup Winners 2014

  • Jim Slater Memorial Cup for Best in  Show – Lynn Meredith
  • Tim Husband Cup for Best Child entry ages 8 to 16 – Gwennan Brackenbury
  • Nellie Lewis Cup for Best Child entry ages 7 and under – Osian from Ysgol Bro Brynach, Meithrin / Derbyn
  • Willie Reynolds Cup for best cookery entry – Rebecca Pinkney
  • Cup for best fruit and vegetables – Lynn Meredith
  • Cup for best flowers entry – Mia King-Allum
  • Cup for best art and craft entry – Susan Donovan
  • Cup for best photography entry – John Spencer

Cardi Bach Interpretive Board

cardi back board1

The Carmarthenshire Landscape and Heritage grant enabled us to produce a new board commemorating the Cardi Bach railway. The board is sited near to the former railway crossing on the opposite side of the road to the station and along side the route of the railway line. The board has a lively illustration by Peter Icke of how Llanfallteg station might have looked in the 1920’s, with historical and technical information provided by Dave King. Graham Meredith produced the overall design, maps and illustrations and Phil Wait Design saw the project through to final design and production. ‘BOGOF ‘ Thanks to an error in making the fixings for the board, (which caused some hassle for the team in the first place) we were given a duplicate board, which will be soon placed, near the Millennium Hall.

Please Help Run The Park

Dot - Please Help Run The Park

The Memorial Playing Field Trustees are seeking replacement Trustees to fill vacancies arising from retirement. The role is not demanding – two meeting per year, and any time you can give to manage the affairs of the playing field.

Please contact Dave King, Taf House for more information.

Vortipor Information Board Unveiled

After months of work by members of the History Society and Community Association, the Interactive Trails Notice Board was unveiled by Lilly and Grace Young, on Saturday afternoon, 24th September. There are bilingual leaflets to go with each of the trails and those with “smart devices” will be able to scan the QR codes for additional information. Development work is ongoing and new features will appear over the next few months.


This project has been supported by the Welsh Government, Carmarthenshire County Council, The Tywi Centre, The Countryside Council for Wales, the National Trust and the European Agricultural Fund.

Autumn Show Photos & Winners 2013

The first Autumn show was held on Saturday 14th of September 2013 at the Millennium Hall with a range of side events taking place in the park. Here are some pictures from the show as well as the list of show winners, thank you to everyone who took part and supported the event.


Best in show – Plate of Autumn Fruits and Berries


  • A1 Roses – Nikki Brown
  • A2 Dahlias – Latchygors
  • A3 Flowering Shrub – Nikki Brown
  • A4 Perrenial Flowers – Liz O’Neill


  • B1 Apples – Wendy Heron
  • B3 Seasonal Berries – Stephen Hughes


  • C1 Harvest Festival Collection – Stephen Hughes
  • C2 Carrots – Candy Metcalfe
  • C3 Parsnips – Stephen Hughes
  • C4 Runner Beans – Nikki Brown
  • C5 Sweet Corn – Liz O’Neill
  • C6 Salad vegetables – Liz O’Neill
  • C7 @ of any vegetable – Candy Metcalfe


  • D1 Sliced cake – Linda Cooke
  • D2 Jar of Pickles – Nikki Brown
  • D3 Jar of Chutney – Claire Mead
  • D4 Bread rolls – Gwennan Brackenbury


  • F1 Jar of Honey – Wendy Heron
  • F2 Bale of Hay – Wendy King
  • F4 Small cheese – Linda Cooke
  • F5 6 Hen’s eggs – Mia King


BEST IN SHOW – Stephen Hughes’ Harvest Festival Collection



  • K2 Wild Autumn Flowers – Rhys Goymer


  • M1 A cake made from hedgerow fruit – Miles Cooke
  • M2 Pot of chutney or jam – Tiri Brackenbury
  • M3 Bread baked to look interesting – Miles Cooke

BEST IN SHOW – Miles Cooke’s Hedgerow fruit cake